As the

  • Owner/operator of a successful sports therapy clinic established in 1979, with a case load average of 30-100 per day over the last 30+ years, and
  • Surgical Assistant in over 8,000 surgeries for orthopedic cases including arthroscopic and open repair/reconstruction from 1983 to present,

Lee Brownell is uniquely qualified to consult and testify as an expert witness in cases related to sports injuries and treatment/rehabilitation.

He consulted for the Samsung Lions, Korean professional baseball team, and the San Francisco Giants pitching coach Marty Demmeritt, among others. He served as a Physical Therapist at the XXII International Olympics, Los Angeles, in 1984.

He has provided medical services for the Fresno Bandits (professional football), pro-beach volleyball, the SunNets (professional tennis), the Fresno Flames (professional basketball), and the Fresno Stars (professional basketball).

From 1983 to the present, Mr. Brownell has served as a Surgical Assistant at St. Agnes Hospital, Sierra Hospital and Fresno Surgical Hospital, under orthopedic and sports medicine physicians including Bruce Witmer, M.D., Malcolm Ghazal, M.D., Jerome Dunkin, M.D., Thomas Thaxter, M.D., Alan Pierrot, M.D., Kenneth Kurokawa, M.D., and Edward Lembert, M.D.

Note from Lee Brownell:

I am a Registered Physical Therapist and was employed as a surgical assistant when non-physician assistants were a rarity. My skills were self-taught and fine-tuned by each surgeon I worked with. My experience and support from the physicians in our community have extended my opportunities and allowed me to work in several hospitals. My role in the operating room has been challenged by the California board of quality assurance and I continue (with state approval) in a non-physician surgical assistant's role.